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Press releases

Stockholm University signs up for ELDICO’s ED-1 with Excillum’s electron beam technology inside

December 9, 2022 - ELDICO’s electron diffractometer will be installed at the Department of Materials…

A high brightness laboratory SAXS beamline for high throughput nanostructure characterization

Dr Youli Li, Materials Research Laboratory at UC Santa Barbara, presents preliminary results on rapid…

X-ray diffraction & imaging for materials research using high-flux MetalJet sources

Dr Mirko Boin, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, gives practical examples to demonstrate that real-time studies are…

A laboratory microscope for studying polycrystalline materials at the microscale

Dr Ashley Bucsek, University of Michigan, presents a laboratory-scale HEDM instrument that utilizes an indium…

Increasing throughput and resolution of industrial X-ray inspection

Dr Björn Hansson, CTO Excillum, talks about the MetalJet E1+ and the NanoTube N3 for…

15 µm focus of high-flux 24 keV radiation enabled by MetalJet E1+

We recently had the opportunity to combine our 1 kW Excillum MetalJet E1+ X-ray source…

1 second X-ray CT of an EV battery cell

A full microCT scan of an EV battery cell in only 1 second, using our MetalJet E1+.

Phase-contrast X-ray tomography resolves the terminal bronchioles in free-breathing mice

Kian Shaker, Ilian Häggmark, Jakob Reichmann, Marie Arsenian-Henriksson & Hans M. Hertz Communications Physics volume…
Press releases

Excillum launches the NanoTube N3

December 9, 2021 - Excillum launches the NanoTube N3 - a new generation high-resolution X-ray…

High throughput battery inspection with MetalJet E1+

High efficiency batteries are key for the electrical vehicle (EV) transition and to enable energy…

One-second microCT

A full microCT scan of a Li-ion battery in only 1 second, using our MetalJet E1+.

Unlock synchrotron SAXS/WAXS applications in the home lab

Dr Julius Hållstedt, Business Development Analytical, talks about the Excillum MetalJet X-ray source and its…