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15 µm focus of high-flux 24 keV radiation enabled by MetalJet E1+

We recently had the opportunity to combine our 1 kW Excillum MetalJet E1+ X-ray source…

1 second X-ray CT of an EV battery cell

A full microCT scan of an EV battery cell in only 1 second, using our MetalJet E1+.

Phase-contrast X-ray tomography resolves the terminal bronchioles in free-breathing mice

Kian Shaker, Ilian Häggmark, Jakob Reichmann, Marie Arsenian-Henriksson & Hans M. Hertz Communications Physics volume…
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Excillum launches the NanoTube N3

December 9, 2021 - Excillum launches the NanoTube N3 - a new generation high-resolution X-ray…

High throughput battery inspection with MetalJet E1+

High efficiency batteries are key for the electrical vehicle (EV) transition and to enable energy…

One-second microCT

A full microCT scan of a Li-ion battery in only 1 second, using our MetalJet E1+.

Unlock synchrotron SAXS/WAXS applications in the home lab

Dr Julius Hållstedt, Business Development Analytical, talks about the Excillum MetalJet X-ray source and its…

Partner webinar: Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy: A Snapshot of the State-of-the-Art

DI Dr. Anna Regoutz, Lecturer in Materials Chemistry, University College London, and CAMS-UK Fellow and…

Small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering

Cy M. Jeffries, Jan Ilavsky, Anne Martel, Stephan Hinrichs, Andreas Meyer, Jan Skov Pedersen, Anna…

Pushing the limits with Excillum

Our CEO David Lindblom explains how Excillum brings the X-ray source technologies and expertise to…

Redefining the X-ray tube

Our CTO Björn Hansson tells the story of the idea behind our X-ray source technology,…

Intrinsic lipid curvatures of mammalian plasma membrane outer leaflet lipids and ceramides

Michael Kaltenegger, Johannes Kremser, Moritz P.K. Frewein, Primož Ziherl, Douwe J. Bonthuis, Georg Pabst Biochimica…