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Excillum X-ray sources, combined with other leading-edge technologies, are helping to drive progress at the forefront of many of today’s most vital industries.

New battery technologies and more powerful semiconductors are reshaping our world. And advanced X-ray inspection technologies are making their manufacturing safer, more sustainable and more cost-efficient than ever before. Leading researchers in biomedicine and material sciences are answering some of the most fundamental questions about our bodies and our built environment. And more powerful laboratory X-ray systems give them more freedom, better data and higher resolution to push the limits of their fields. These are just a few examples of how Excillum X-ray sources continue to bring greater clarity to some of the most essential industries of our time.

EV battery inspection

With 1 second CT scanning, Excillum provides manufacturers with the high-speed, high-resolution 3D imaging necessary to improve yield in production.

Semiconductor & electronics manufacturing

Electronic components are becoming smaller than ever. But thanks to a new generation of X-ray systems, even the tiniest features and faults can be seen and inspected.

Additive manufacturing

Breakthroughs in design and manufacturing bring new quality challenges. Excillum technologies can reveal them with unprecedented speed and clarity.

Material sciences

New materials have the potential to reshape our lives. Equipped with the world’s brightest X-ray sources, leading material researchers are leading the way forward.

Biomedical research

Learn how biomedical researchers can obtain high-resolution imaging of soft tissue structures with the help of Excillum technologies.

Pharmaceuticals & drug discovery

Discover how drugs can be made safer, faster and better using Excillum X-ray sources.

Automotive & aerospace

Excillum X-ray sources bring new levels of imaging speed and resolution to automotive and aerospace components, batteries and electronics.


MetalJet for X-ray analytical applications
MetalJet and NanoTube for X-ray imaging applications


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