Innovation starts
at the source

A very bright spot is a window into new worlds.

From the world’s smallest, brightest X-ray spot, new frontiers are beginning to emerge. New nanoscale insights. New manufacturing capabilities. And powerful new research workflows.

Whether it’s impossibly small electronics, unseen biological processes or infinitely complex materials, advanced X-ray source technologies are opening windows into a range of emerging applications. At Excillum, we’re pioneering a new generation of X-ray source technologies that make it possible. By making X-ray sources better, brighter and more precise than ever before, we’re helping to reveal the smallest, most complex details with unprecedented speed and clarity.

The continuous drive for enhanced performance has inspired us since our invention of the Excillum MetalJet, the world’s brightest microfocus X-ray source, more than twenty years ago. Our customers have remained at the absolute forefront of X-ray based innovation ever since, whether it’s probing complex nanostructures, accelerating scientific output or enhancing manufacturing quality. Together, we continue to push the limits of technology to open new opportunities in high-tech manufacturing, medicine and science.

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A new era of X-ray

source technologies

The liquid metal-jet anode, pioneered by Excillum, is the original foundation for our growing portfolio of high-performance X-ray sources and electron-beam technologies. Discover how this breakthrough unlocks powerful new opportunities beyond the limits of conventional solid anode technologies.

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Our mission

Our mission is to enable new science, improve medicine and enhance manufacturing by redefining the X-ray tube. Thanks to a growing array of high-performance X-ray sources and electron-beam technologies, we’re enabling global industry partners, research communities and system integrators to continually push the limits of X-ray based applications in laboratories and manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Pushing the limits with Excillum

Wherever speed, cost and nanoscale quality are critical, Excillum brings the X-ray source technologies and expertise to make it possible. Excillum CEO David Lindblom explains what this means for partners and industries in their efforts to push the limits of X-ray based innovation.

Redefining the X-ray tube

What happens when the X-ray capabilities of a synchrotron can be moved into labs and factories everywhere? Excillum CTO Björn Hansson tells the story of the idea behind the technology, its impact and what potential the future holds.

Powered by partnership

Excillum’s sources are an integral part of system development for some of the most trusted names in X-ray instrumentation. Together, we work intensely to put the benefits of the MetalJet and NanoTube sources into the hands of users everywhere.

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The world’s most advanced X-ray sources

More than two decades ago, MetalJet set a new standard for synchrotron performance in the home lab, achieving significantly higher brightness than any other microfocus X-ray source. More recently, the NanoTube applied advanced electron optics and the latest tungsten-diamond transmission target technology to ensure the smallest possible, truly round spot at any voltage and current setting. These two pioneering technologies continue to serve as platforms for our expanding portfolio of advanced X-ray sources.

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Bringing big ideas into focus

From phase-contrast imaging and spectroscopy to protein crystallography and non-destructive testing, our sources continue to push the boundaries of X-ray performance in more than one hundred of the world’s top research and development laboratories.

Small-Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

SAXS is used to study the structure of materials in the 1 nm to ~200 nm range.

X-ray spectroscopy and fluorescence

Spectroscopic X-ray methods are based on detecting X-ray energy spectra.

Phase-contrast imaging

For materials that have low absorption the phase can give more than 1000 times stronger contrast than absorption.

Small molecule crystallography

Uses X-ray diffraction in the determination and study of the three dimensional structure of a material at the atomic and molecular scale.

Enabling tomorrow’s breakthroughs

Enhanced resolution, contrast and throughput are essential to X-ray analysis and imaging in a wide range of industries and scientific disciplines. In science, our sources are used to advance research in polycrystalline materials and bulk chemical analysis. In industrial manufacturing, they bring greater clarity and higher throughput speeds to non-destructive testing. And wherever research demands capabilities beyond one micron or 500 nanometer resolutions, no technology compares to the world’s brightest X-ray sources.

Industries & markets

EV battery inspection

With high-throughput inline CT inspection, Excillum X-ray sources bring new clarity to tomorrow’s energy storage and production technologies.

Semiconductor & electronics manufacturing

Electronic components are becoming smaller than ever. But thanks to a new generation of X-ray systems, even the tiniest features and faults can be seen and inspected.

Material sciences

New materials have the potential to reshape our lives. Equipped with the world’s brightest X-ray sources, leading material researchers are leading the way forward.

Automotive & aerospace

Excillum X-ray sources bring new levels of imaging speed and resolution to automotive and aerospace components, batteries and electronics.
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Experiences from the forefront

Learn how users are revealing new insights thanks to state-of-the-art X-ray instrumentation.

Customer service

Our MetalJet and NanoTube X-ray sources are designed to ensure the highest levels of performance and reliability. Whenever regular maintenance, troubleshooting or optimization are required, our team of highly experienced engineers is available to provide worldwide service and support. We also offer a wide range of preventive maintenance and troubleshooting programs to ensure that every customer achieves the highest uptime and trouble-free operation.

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X-rays on demand

Whether you want to own and service an X-ray source yourself, if you need a service contract, or if you prefer to rent a source, Excillum can offer you the business model that suits your needs. Contact us to learn more.