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Lighter, stronger and more efficient technologies are vital to ensuring safe and sustainable mobility systems. But with new technological advances come new quality challenges. Excillum X-ray sources enable laboratory researchers to develop new materials, and support industrial manufacturers to inspect components, batteries, and electronics in-line with high throughput.

The safety and climate impact of future transport must be further improved. In the forefront of such improvements are research teams that look for new materials that make light and safe vehicle and airplane bodies which reduce energy consumption, and hence enable electric drive and electric propulsion. Excillum X-ray sources enable new material science in laboratories across the world. The quality of batteries is increasingly critical to the safety of electric vehicles and airplanes. In addition to creating fire risks and compromised performance, imperfect production can lead to costly scrap and recall costs. Similarly, electronics including 5G radio chipsets are integral to vehicle navigation and safety systems, requiring extreme accuracy in physical shapes and features to ensure secure lifetime operation. Equipped with Excillum X-ray sources, manufacturing inspection systems can deliver nanometer-level deviation detection with high-speed throughput for a wide range of advanced battery, semiconductor and electronics manufacturing applications.

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MetalJet and NanoTube for X-ray imaging applications
MetalJet for X-ray analytical applications


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