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Excillum and TechValley secure first project to provide extreme resolution X-ray inspection of electronics

Excillum and TechValley, South Korea, are pleased to announce that they have formed a partnership and secured their first project to support quality assurance and process control efforts in the electronics manufacturing industry.


  • Excillum’s unique X-ray technology together with TechValley’s innovative analysis software, algorithms, and high precisions systems enable inspection of today’s most sophisticated, micro-structured electronic devices.
  • The partnership will raise the bar for X-ray inspection performance and accuracy in the South Korean semiconductor and electronics industry.
  • The first project enables in-line X-ray laminography of printed circuit board (PCB) components supplied by two South Korean electronics & services conglomerates. With first deployments in July 2024 to the South Korean manufacturer’s sites in Vietnam, the expectations include improved efficiency and enhanced satisfaction of the customer, a US-based consumer electronics multinational.

“We are proud to collaborate with TechValley,” Shinobu Färnlöf, Business Development Manager at Excillum stated. “They have impressed us with their knowledge, commitment, and speed in delivering customer-focused solutions. We look forward to further collaboration with them.”

“We are thrilled with the advancements in X-ray PCB inspection technology enabled by the introduction of the high-resolution NanoTube N3 X-ray source by Excillum,” said Jin-Woong Kim, CT-Team Manager at TechValley. “This innovation significantly enhances our ability to detect minute defects and ensure the highest quality standards for our customers. The precision and clarity of the new platform are unparalleled, marking a new era in PCB inspection.”

Shinobu Färnlöf, Excillum.

For more information:

Shinobu Färnlöf, Business Development Manager Excillum AB
+46 76-529 19 70

Jin-Woong Kim, CT-Team Manager, TechValley Co., Ltd.
+82 10-5385 64 88

Published: July 8, 2024

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