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VCbattery and Excillum join forces to bring high-speed 3D CT inline inspection to EV battery cell manufacturers

  • Excillum and VCbattery team up with complementary capabilities.
  • Groundbreaking system for 3-dimensional computed tomography (3D CT) inline quality control.
  • Safety, performance, and cost effectiveness in EV battery cell production will be significantly improved.


Excillum and VCbattery, a division of VisiConsult, have entered a partnership to commercialize the next generation inline 3D CT inspection systems for electric vehicle battery production. Using the knowledge and solutions from VCbattery on robotics, imaging, and data management together with Excillum’s high end X-ray products, the joint solution will ensure new levels of performance, safety, and cost in EV battery cell production.

“The partnership with Excillum enables us to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of X-ray inspection,” says Guido Erbach, VCbattery. “We pull together our joint expertise to the benefit of EV battery cell manufacturers across the world.”

“Together with VCbattery we will bring a solution to how the industry can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and safety in the production of EV battery cells. We are very excited to present this to the market,” says Emil Espes, Excillum.

Emil Espes, Excillum

The transition of the global vehicle fleet to electric vehicles is requiring an exponential growth in the number of battery cells produced. A critical part in production is quality control – to catch defects that can cause significant financial losses as well as personal injuries. Battery inspection with full inline microCT-scanning capabilities will give manufacturers the high-speed, high-resolution 3D imaging they need to ensure product safety and quality at the highest throughputs.


For more information:

Emil Espes, Business Development Manager Excillum AB
+46 705 44 74 31

Guido Erbach, Head of Battery Technology VCbattery
+49 160 912 36674

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Published: May 9, 2023