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Smaller electronic devices. More powerful processors. More complex microstructures. All of these trends have driven technological development and social change. And all make electronic components increasingly difficult to inspect. As current X-ray inspection systems reach their limits, Excillum X-ray sources are opening new windows into microscopic features and defects that, until now, have been hard to inspect.

Some say that Moore’s law, which says that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about every two years, has reached its limit. That the size and complexity of today’s surface mount technologies (SMT) makes continued exponential performance gains unlikely, but the technology drivers continue along this path, with transistors becoming ever smaller.

Excillum X-ray sources allow manufacturers to push beyond the limits of even today’s most state-of-the art X-ray techniques. Combined with other leading-edge components, Excillum X-ray sources have the power, imaging speed and resolution to produce the superior systems needed to inspect future generations of smaller, faster and more powerful electronic assemblies. The result is an entirely new standard in X-ray inspection for complex SMT, semiconductor and advanced packaging.

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NanoCT for non-destructive testing and research
Increasing throughput and resolution of industrial X-ray inspection


MetalJet and NanoTube for X-ray imaging applications

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