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Revolutionizing EV battery production with advanced CT scanning technology

Two Tesla veterans, Peter Attia and Eric Moch, co-founders of Glimpse, recognized a pressing challenge in EV battery production—detecting defects with unparalleled precision. The consequences of imperfections in this intricate process can be catastrophic, leading to potential safety hazards and costly recalls. The EV manufacturing process is a delicate dance between performance, cost, and manufacturability. Attia and Moch emphasize that keeping track of the internal dynamics of the battery allows manufacturers to push the limits without compromising safety or efficiency. Cutting-edge CT scanning plays a crucial role in enabling this delicate balance. However, industrial use of CT scans has been limited because they can take two to four hours to produce the kind of deep, high-resolution results companies have often sought.

Glimpse, using an advanced CT scan machine, has reduced scanning time to two minutes. The company hopes to reduce scans to seconds in about a year using next-generation equipment developed by VCbattery and Excillum. By incorporating the Excillum MetalJet X-ray technology, Glimpse can swiftly inspect EV batteries, detecting defects as small as 10 microns.