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High efficiency batteries are key for the electrical vehicle (EV) transition and to enable energy storage to balance the grid when more renewable energy is used. Today, each EV battery goes through a 2D X-ray inspection for quality control – to catch among other things defects that could lead to e g fires. However, even with this and several other quality control steps these defects happen, leading to catastrophic damages both financially and in personal injuries.

100 % 3D X-ray inspection, or 3D complement to 2D inspection in unclear cases, is a promising path to satisfactory quality control. But, in order to achieve 100 % 3D X-ray inspection, a high-power X-ray source with a micrometer sized X-ray spot is needed – something previously not available on the market.

With the release of the MetalJet E1+, Excillum is looking to address this problem, to enable high-speed 3D X-ray inspection of batteries and other industrial parts. In this video, you’ll see an example of how we achieve a full CT-scan with micrometer resolution of a Li-ion battery in only 1 second. These experiments were performed at Excillum’s facilities in Sweden using our MetalJet E1+, a high-performance detector from Direct Conversion (Thor FX20.256 CdTe) and a high-speed, high-precision rotation stage.

These experiments are early proof-of-principle experiments, and we are more than happy to engage with experts in the field to address the battery inspection field, and others, in the best possible way. 

Please contact us for further discussions. 

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