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Supporting semiconductor, aerospace and automotive NDT: Excillum is partnering in the NanoXSpot research project within the European Metrology Research Program, EMPIR

Today, no agreed standard measurement procedure exists for these nano-spot-size X-ray tubes. Within the NanoXSpot consortium, Excillum is one of three manufactures of X-ray tubes with spot size under 5 µm. The Excillum NanoTube N1 differentiates by having the world’s smallest true-round X-ray spot achieving 150 nm resolution with high stability over time.

The project will use these methods in the preparation of pre-normative documents for submission to CEN TC 138 (Non-destructive testing) WG 1 (Radiographic testing) and to revise standards in the EN 12543 series for focal spot measurements, as well as to harmonize standards and measurement methods between CEN, ISO, and ASTM. Hence, the NanoXSpot results are expected to be applied by a broad range of end users, including manufacturers of nano- and microfocus X-ray tubes and systems, inspection and metrology service providers and test equipment manufacturer – plus their respective customers.

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Published: December 4, 2019