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  • Users of Excillum X-ray sources in Japan will have access to technical support in Japanese with experts located in the same time zone.
  • Scienta Omicron Japan provides the services, in line with their strategy to support international advanced instrumentation deployed in Japan.
  • Excillum and Scienta Omicron have successfully worked together for years as Excillum’s MetalJet is the X-ray source in Scienta Omicron’s HAXPES Lab system, and the knowledge and experience gained will now benefit all Excillum customers in Japan.

“We have always provided our customers with expert technical support across the world. With more X-ray sources deployed in Japan, and with limitations in travel, it is particularly good timing to now have Scienta Omicron Japan as our local service partner. Our partner, who is already trained and experienced with our products, will provide 1st line technical support. Excillum customer support in Sweden provides 2nd line support and also has access to our R&D organization, “explains Mats Sjöstedt, Service Director at Excillum.

Masatake Machida, Managing Director of Scienta Omicron Japan, adds: “We already have a successful track record of supporting the most advanced and demanding customers in advanced instrumentation and X-ray technology. It is only natural for us and entirely in line with our global aftermarket strategy to use our expertise, and our experience of working with Excillum’s X-ray sources, to offer our technical support also to Excillum’s customers. We look forward to close collaboration with Excillum, for the benefit of all current and future users of their X-ray technology.”

“Japan hosts some of the most advanced industrial companies and academic researchers of the world, of which many can benefit of the brightest microfocus X-ray sources deployable in industrial and laboratory environments. In our pursuit to enable new science and enhance the most advanced manufacturing processes, we must be able to support customers in Japan in the best way possible. Scienta Omicron Japan has the expertise in-country and we will be working very closely together,” concludes David Lindblom, CEO of Excillum.

Excillum is the global source for X-ray innovation. We develop, manufacture, and service the world’s brightest and most advanced industrial and laboratory X-ray sources. In close collaboration with best-in-class scientific, industrial and system integration partners we enable new science, improve medicine and enhance manufacturing. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Excillum is pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies since 2007. 

Scienta Scientific develops long-term profitable technology-based niche businesses within the 200 Billion SEK Scientific Instruments for Physical Characterization market. Our market is driven by the global race for new unique solutions – smarter batteries, next generation electronics, quantum computing, solar energy, radiation protection etc.
Since our foundation in 1983 by Nobel Prize laureate Prof Kai Siegbahn the objective has been to develop technology niches through a combination of global sales expansion, strategic shift to solutions and services, aggressive operational development and strategic acquisitions. Scienta Scientific is based in Uppsala, Sweden and is 100% controlled by private investors, incl management. 550 MSEK revenue and 200 employees are distributed across Europe, North America and Asia. The business areas are Scienta Omicron, the market leader in Materials Innovation Platforms for Material Physics and Surface Science, and Scienta Envinet, the market leader in Radioactivity Protection Networks.  


Published: June 1, 2021