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Excillum AB, the Swedish manufacturer of the high brightness MetalJet microfocus X-ray tubes, today announced that Dr. Björn Hansson will take over as chief executive of Excillum effective March 1, 2013. Current CEO and co-founder Dr. Oscar Hemberg stays full-time with Excillum until August 2013 when he joins Excillum’s main development partner and sub system supplier in Asia, strengthening that collaboration. Dr. Hemberg will also remain on Excillum’s board.

Dr. Hansson joined Excillum as Director of Sales & Marketing in 2011 and has had a central role in increasing Excillum’s yearly turnover from 3 MSEK in 2011 to 14 MSEK in 2012 resulting in Excillum’s first cash-flow positive year.

“As Excillum and the MetalJet technology has matured, it is a good moment to hand over the leadership of the company to a more sales and market oriented chief executive, and we are very pleased to see Dr. Hansson in the driving seat as we continue the growth of the company” says Prof. Hans Hertz, chairman of the board and co-founder.

Dr. Hansson will formally take over on March 1 2013 with a smooth transition as Dr. Hemberg remains in the company as CTO until starting his new position in Asia in August 2013. Dr. Hemberg will also remain on Excillum’s board.

“It has been a wonderful journey to take Excillum and the MetalJet technology from the university basement to a mature company with volume production” says Dr. Hemberg. “I very much look forward to a close collaboration with Dr. Hansson and the rest of the great team thru my new position on Excillum’s development and supply partner and the board of Excillum.”

About Excillum

Excillum AB was founded in 2007 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.  Excillum develops, designs, and manufactures extreme-brightness microfocus X-ray sources for demanding applications. For more information about Excillum, please visit

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Hans Hertz, Chairman of the Board of Excillum AB can be reached at

Published: February 12, 2013