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During the past decade, increased attention has been paid to hard X-rays in the photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES) field. This is mainly due to the greater information depth enabled by the higher photon energies. Such bulk-sensitive measurements could previously only be performed at dedicated synchrotron radiation facilities. However, the beam lines providing this type of radiation are heavily booked, so access to the experimental setups is limited. Higher excitation energies also enable bulk-sensitive measurements of deep core levels that are not accessible with standard XPS. In this paper, a new system featuring a monochromized Excillum MetalJet X-ray source with Ga Ka radiation at 9.25 keV and a wide acceptance angle hemispherical electron analyzer, both combined on a simple-to-use vacuum system. With this system, a new set of potential experiments opens up in the home laboratory: investigations of buried interfaces, in operando devices, real world samples, etc.