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February 2016 – Sensors and Actuators A: Physical,  Volume 241, 15 April 2016, Pages 87–95 – K. Vegso, M. Jergel, P. Siffalovic, M. Kotlar, Y. Halahovetsa, M. Hodasa, M. Pellettaa, E. Majkovaa

A group from Slovak Academy of Science in co-operation with people from STU Centre for Nanodiagnostics performed in-situ tests on a strain gauge, based on a monolayer of colloidal gold nanoparticles deposited on a flexible Mylar foil, by small-angle X-ray scattering using a MetalJet X-ray source from Excillum. The high brightness of the MetalJet allowed a very fast data collection, with 10 s temporal resolution. The results of the study indicate that the colloidal gold-nanoparticles on a flexible is a potential future strain gauges with a fast linear response within a wide strain range.