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Rafał Hołubowicz, Magdalena Wojtas, Michał Taube, Maciej Kozak, Andrzej Ożyhar, Piotr Dobryszycki
The FEBS Journal, Volume 284, Issue 24, December 2017

Otolin-1 is a collagen-like protein expressed in the inner ear of vertebrates. It provides an organic scaffold for otoliths in fish and otoconia in land vertebrates. In this study, the expression and purification procedure of C1q-like domain of otolin-1 from human and zebrafish was developed. The structure and stability of the proteins were investigated. The results of sedimentation velocity analytical ultracentrifugation and small-angle X-ray scattering indicated that the C1q-like domain of otolin-1 forms stable trimers in solution in the presence of calcium ions. It was also observed that calcium ions influenced the secondary structure of the proteins. C1q-like domains were stabilized by the calcium ions. The human variant was especially affected by the calcium ions. The results indicate the importance of the C1q-like domain for the assembly of the organic matrix of otoliths and otoconia.

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