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As pioneers of the world’s brightest X-ray sources, Excillum is relentlessly pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies to enable new breakthroughs in science, medicine and manufacturing.

New frontiers are waiting to be explored. The world’s brightest X-ray sources help make it possible.

At Excillum, we’re convinced that new era of scientific innovation awaits for those capable of harnessing the most powerful laboratory-scale X-ray sources and the most advanced electron-beam technology. And we’re not alone. Right now, hundreds of researchers and manufacturers around the world are seeing, imaging and analyzing details that were previously nearly impossible to capture in a laboratory or manufacturing environment.

Based on the original success of the Excillum MetalJet source, we remain dedicated to serving this global community of scientists, manufacturers and industry partners with a constantly expanding range of advanced X-ray source technologies for new and emerging applications.

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In labs and factories throughout the world, a new generation of X-ray systems has arrived. Discover how Excillum helps drive X-ray based innovation by enabling leading experts to explore more dimensions with higher throughput and resolution than ever before.

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Learn how our state-of-the-art MetalJet and NanoTube source technologies open entirely new possibilities for industrial manufacturing and research.

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At Excillum, every journey begins with a very small, and very bright spot. It’s this technological foundation that opens a wide scope of exciting possibilities for customers and colleagues alike. Find out what opportunities await for those who share our open mindset and our passion for advanced technology, enhanced manufacturing systems and emerging scientific applications.

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