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“Beam OFF! Now what? MetalJet – your high-power, high-resolution assurance!”

In the US, the planned APS Upgrade project will inhibit access for more than 5,000 users to one of the most powerful and renowned X-ray facilities in the world. Protein crystallography researchers will lose access to 17 macromolecular beamlines in 6 sectors. Also in other parts of the world there are limited synchrotron light source facilities, and there is more demand than availability.

But don’t despair: we have you covered. Data from the Excillum MetalJet, the world’s brightest home-lab X-ray source, combined with the largest, no-noise photon-counting PHOTON III detector, gets pretty close to data from synchrotrons and ensures that you continue to be productive.

In this 30 min webinar, Anasuya Adibhatla, PhD (Excillum) and Matthew Benning, PhD (Bruker) introduce the Excillum MetalJet D2+ and share some exciting new data collected on a Bruker D8 VENTURE diffractometer with a PHOTON III detector.

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Anasuya Adibhatla

Matthew Benning

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