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Abstract: Maia Mapper is a laboratory µXRF mapping system for eÿcient elemental imaging of drill core sections serving minerals research and industrial applications. It targets intermediate spatial scales, with imaging of up to ∼ 80 M pixels over a 500 × 150 mm2 sample area. It brings together (i) the Maia detector and imaging system, with its large solid-angle, event-mode operation, millisecond pixel transit times in fly-scan mode and real-time spectral deconvolution and imaging,(ii) the high brightness MetalJet D2 liquid metal micro-focus X-ray source from Excillum, and (iii) an eÿcient XOS polycapillary lens with a flux gain ∼ 15, 900 at 21 keV into a ∼ 32 µm focus, and (iv) a sample scanning stage engineered for standard drill-core sections. Count-rates up to ∼ 3 M/s are observed on drill core samples with low dead-time up to ∼ 1.5%. Automated scans are executed in sequence with display of deconvoluted element component images accumulated in real-time in the Maia detector. Application images on drill core and polished rock slabs illustrate Maia Mapper capabilities as part of the analytical workflow of the Advanced Resource Characterisation Facility, which spans spatial dimensions from ore deposit to atomic scales.