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EV battery inspection system

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Do you want to improve yield in your EV battery cell manufacturing? Or reduce the risk of costly recalls? Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how. Located in Stockelsdorf, Germany, our demonstrator will show first-hand that high-speed inline CT inspection can revolutionize the way defects are detected and root-caused, making production more cost-effective, and EV batteries safer and of higher quality.

Together with VC Battery, we have a demonstrator to show and commercialize the next generation inline 3D CT inspection systems for electric vehicle (EV) battery production. Reaching new levels in terms of speed, performance, and cost effectiveness, the demonstrator will prove that high throughput can be achieved for inline battery inspection.

Are you a manufacturer of EV battery cells or electric vehicles? Do you want to see how a 1-second X-ray CT of an EV battery cell can improve yield and reduce the risk of recalls? Book a demo with us!

Learn more about the system in this video.

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1 second X-ray CT of an EV battery cell


High throughput CT inspection is here


Increasing throughput and resolution of industrial X-ray inspection

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