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Excillum has today launched Dynamic Adaptation technology on its MetalJet range of X-ray sources. The technology enables MetalJet market-leading brightness for even longer operational periods. In industrial applications such as metrology, inspection or non-destructive testing of e.g. automotive, aerospace, medical and semiconductor components, the continuous and reliable operation of the test equipment is key. With Dynamic Adaptation technology, the MetalJet X-ray sources are a perfect fit to such tools’ next generation versions.

Dynamic Adaptation technology continuously adapts the e-beam to the natural aging of the cathode. The development of the technology has been possible based on the experience and expertise that Excillum has gained in the area of advanced e-beam control. Dynamic Adaptation technology can enable more than one-year of 24/7 continuous operation (i.e. >8000 hours) before any cathode exchange is required. This significant improvement will provide the user with improved performance, reduced downtime and lower operational cost. Dynamic Adaptation is from now on included in new MetalJet X-ray source shipments, and existing MetalJet sources can be upgraded to include the new technology.

“We are very pleased to launch this enhancement that will provide industrial and academic users of our MetalJet X-ray sources with even greater possibilities and efficiencies. The MetalJet, already the brightest non-synchrotron X-ray source in the world, is now with Dynamic Adaptation technology offering the next step in its unprecedented performance whilst the total cost of ownership is decreased”, says Björn Hansson, CEO.

Excillum is present at the American Crystallographic Association (ACA) annual meeting in Cincinnati (Kentucky, US) July 20-24, 2019 to engage with the American crystallographers about tools for further structural science research in areas like materials science and medicine. The MetalJet X-ray sources are enabling crystallographers’ analysis of few-micrometer-sized crystals, which is not possible with conventional X-ray sources due to the need for very high photon flux focused on the small sample. At the ACA meeting, Excillum has globally launched its Dynamic Adaptation technology.

For further information:
Cecilia Kröjs, (acting) Marketing Communications Manager
+46 70 6305007


Excillum AB is a leading company in the field of high-end, microfocus X-ray sources. Excillum was founded in 2007 by a group of researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. Excillum designs, develops and manufactures a high-brightness, microfocus X-ray source based on MetalJet technology. Unprecedented X-ray intensities are achieved with this unique, patented technology. The second generation MetalJetX-ray sources are now available for applications such as diffraction/scattering (XRD, SAXS), Spectroscopy (XRF, XPS), Imaging (NDT, CT, XRM, phase contrast) etc. Excillum has reached a strong market position and is now in an expansive phase.

Published: July 21, 2019