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Top management change at Excillum

  • David Lindblom is appointed CEO to drive customer success, operational capabilities, and leadership excellence.
  • Björn Hansson is appointed CTO and deputy CEO to focus on product and technology management, critical to continue pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies.
  • Strengthened and dual leadership supports continued business growth and accelerated product development.

Today, Excillum, the company behind the world’s brightest laboratory and industrial X-ray sources, announces David Lindblom as CEO (previously COO since 2019) and Björn Hansson as CTO and deputy CEO (previously CEO since 2013). This strengthened and dual leadership enables us to continue pushing the limits of X-ray source technologies, to the benefit of customers all over the world.

As the source for X-ray innovation, product and technology management remains critical to our and our customers’ success. At the same time, sharpening operations and scaling our capabilities are becoming increasingly important as we grow. These changes in top management support both our product development and our continuous business growth.

“As investor and chairman, I am proud to see Swedish technology turning into successful business,” says Christian W. Jansson, Chairman of the Board at Excillum. “As we see Excillum growing and establishing itself as an important global player in industrial and scientific X-ray applications, this change in management ensures continued focus on both scaling operations as well as technical innovation. “

Björn Hansson joined Excillum in 2011 and has since 2013 led the team as CEO. Technical capabilities have been developed that supported growth to beyond 100MSEK revenue in 2019 and a team of 60+ colleagues during 2020. As customer interest and demand for the brightest industrial-scale X-ray sources increase, Björn will lead Excillum’s technology strategy in close collaboration with customers

“It has been an honor to build Excillum over the last eight years together with an outstanding group of people”, says Björn Hansson. “I now look forward to focusing on our product portfolio and to work with our R&D leaders and their teams to put breakthrough X-ray technologies in the hands of our customers – to continue redefining the X-ray tube.“

Björn Hansson

David Lindblom

David Lindblom joined the company in 2019 as Chief Operating Officer, where he has overseen the sales, production, service, support, and logistics functions. He continues his operational focus and will now lead the company in its next growth stage.

“Excillum with its portfolio of X-ray sources is enabling completely new science, improving medicine and enhancing advanced manufacturing worldwide. With more than 100 installations we are only at the beginning of our journey, and whilst I am excited to lead it I am most proud of the team that enables the journey and the customers that collaborate so closely with us,” says David Lindblom.

“It has been a great privilege to see an academic idea in applied physics turn into a successful product with users world-wide,” says Prof Hans Hertz, inventor and co-founder of Excillum. “With the team and leadership of Excillum I am confident we will see continuous technical innovation that will enable completely new X-ray based applications.”

For further information:
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Published: January 21, 2021