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Proto XRD, a leading North American-based X-ray diffraction manufacturer, has joined the Excillum partner network.

For Proto, this partnership means access to high-performance X-ray sources for their standard and custom X-ray systems. For Excillum, it is important to have a trusted system manufacturer that can assist customers worldwide who require a custom X-ray diffraction system but do not have the possibility to design and build such themselves. Also, with Proto’s scientists and engineers trained on Excillum X-ray sources, Excillum strengthens its service and support capability in North America.

“At Proto, we think of each new system as a collaborative effort,” says Robert Drake, Sales Manager at Proto. “Our team’s expertise and training on Excillum sources allow us to craft novel systems for our customers, and our customers always have valuable ideas to contribute throughout the process. By working with clients from design through to fabrication and support, we can ensure that their system is built exactly to their specifications and provides the perfect solution for their experimental needs.”

“Many of our customers require a unique system for a specific application that is not available on the market. While we can supply the premium X-ray source, our customers may also need help with system design. This is exactly where Proto can flexibly support our customers. Proto’s technical expertise and passion for custom systems make them a great fit for integrating Excillum’s X-ray sources”, says David Lindblom, COO at Excillum.

First shipments of Excillum’s MetalJet X-ray sources to Proto’s customers are already underway, with initial installations planned in the US.

Robert Drake from Proto at Excillum offices in Stockholm, together with Excillum’s Service Engineer Mattias Areskog and Application Performance Specialist Ulf Lundström.

Published: July 1, 2020