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Excillum AB is proud to announce that two of Excillum’s founders, Prof. Hans Hertz and Dr. Oscar Hemberg, have been nominated for the highly prestigious Polhem prize for the invention of the MetalJet technology.

Established in 1878, the Polhem prize, is the oldest and most prestigious prize for groundbreaking technical innovation in Sweden. The prize is awarded by Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer) for a high-level technological innovation or an ingenious solution to a technical problem. The innovation must be available and shown competitive on the open market. The prize is named after Christopher Polhem. Previous winners of the Polhem prize includes Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munthers for the refrigerator (1925), Ove Fernö for the smoking cessation agent Nicorette (1987), Håkan Lans for the GPS (1995), Petra Wadström for the water purifier Solvatten (2013), and John Elvesjö and Marten Skogö for the Tobii eyetracker (2015).

Excillum also want to congratulate this year’s other nominees, Lennart Lindblad for the development and improvements of the seat belt, laying the foundation for the highly successful company Autoliv, and Stina and Jacob Ehrensvärd for the invention of the YubiKey.

For more information in Swedish, follow this link.

Update – Nov 16, 2016 Excillum would like to congratulate Lennart Lindblad, founder of global car-safety company Autoliv, to receiving the Polhem prize at the Nov. 15 gala event!

About Excillum
Excillum, Stockholm Sweden is a leading company in the field of high end microfocus and nanofocus x-ray sources. Excillum was founded in 2007 by researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm Sweden. Excillum designs, develops and manufactures a high brightness microfocus x-ray source based on MetalJet technology. With this unique patented technology previously unprecedented x-ray intensities are achieved. The first product was launched in 2010, and now the second generation of MetalJet x-ray sources are available for applications such as diffraction, metrology and imaging. The company has reached a strong market position in its field and is now quickly growing.

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Published: October 13, 2016