Powder X-ray Diffraction (pXRD)

Powder XRD is mainly used for structural analysis of microcrystalline solid materials or powder samples. The main benefits of powder diffraction is that sample preparation is often very easy and straightforward. Typically powder XRD instruments use standard X-ray tubes providing a line focus divergent X-ray beam in Bragg-Brentano geometry. For some applications like microdiffraction and 2D diffraction, a mircofocus tube is very beneficial.

Application example:

Challenging high entropy oxide samples

Researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology utilized a STOE Stadi MP goniometer powered by a MetalJet D2+ to investigate challenging high entropy oxide (HEO) samples. The challenge was to measure a large number of samples and that for every type of sample only a small amount was available. By illuminating the powder samples with a focused bright and small beam of quasi monochromatic Gallium K β radiation, a good signal to noise ratio was obtained with an acceptable measurement time. Powder XRD data sets of a HEOs with varying composition are illustrated here.

For more details, please see the references:

Wang et.al.: Spinel to Rock-Salt Transformation in High Entropy oxides with Li Incorporation. Electrochem 2020, 1, 60–74;doi:10.3390/electrochem1010007

Wang et.al.: Multi-anionic and –cationic compounds: new high entropy materials for advanced Li-ion batteries. Energy Environ. Sci. 2019; doi: 10.1039/c9ee00368a

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