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Nano-CT for the understanding of novel functional materials for batteries and semiconductors

Case studies using a nanotomography setup with 150 nm resolution for non-destructive testing and materials research

Dominik Müller, Speaker

Materials Scientist at the Chair of X-ray Microscopy at the University of Würzburg, Germany

Dominik Müller is a materials scientist at the University of Würzburg, Chair of X-ray Microscopy. He will give us an overview of how they use the nano-CT developed at Fraunhofer IIS in a variety of case studies. Examples will range from analyzing the aging mechanism in novel electrodes of lithium batteries, flaw detection in semiconductor memory chips, to the development of novel functional materials composites.

ntCT – a nano-CT system developed by the Fraunhofer Institute

Christian Fella, Speaker

group leader of the Nano CT Systems Group at the Fraunhofer IIS Würzburg, Germany

Christian Fella is the group leader of the Nano CT Systems Group at the Fraunhofer IIS Würzburg. He will give us an introduction to the work they do in the group and will later focus on the Nano-CT sys- tem they have built, the ntCT, with a demonstration of the hardware and software.

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