Application of a novel in vivo imaging approach to measure pulmonary vascular responses in mice

The researchers at Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine at Monash University in Australia have successfully been able to transform the in-vivo 4D-CT on pulmonary vasculature in small animals from synchrotron facilities to laboratory with the high brightness microfocus MetalJet X-ray source. Based on this and in conjunction with the dedicated post-image analysis, the quantitative information about the morphologies and dynamics of pulmonary vasculature tree in mice have been extracted. This also indicates that imaging modality can be a complementary methodology added to other in- and ex-vivo studies on murine pulmonary vasculature in small animal models.

Link to paper in PDF here.

Soft-Tissue Imaging in a Human Mummy: Propagation-based Phase-Contrast CT
Newsletter October 2018

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