What a difference a tail makes: 2D → 2D parallel interpenetration of sheets to interpenetrated nbo networks using ditopic-4,2′:6′,4′′-terpyridine ligands

Researchers at the University of Basel have used a MetalJet mounted on a STOE diffractometer to study the crystal structures of a series of extended three dimensional metal network structures including [Zn2Br4(L)]n. This structure exhibited long unit cell edges and a large unit cell volume of 28133.2(9) Å3.


Link to paper in PDF here.

Triphenylphosphine-(N,N-dimethyldithiocarbamato)-gold(I) Methanol Solvate
Polycapillary X-Ray Optics for Liquid-Metal-Jet X-Ray Tubes

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