X-ray microtomography using correlation of near-field speckles for material characterization

October 2015 – PNAS 2015 112: 12569-12573 – I. Zanette, M. Zdora, T. Zhou, A. Burvall, D. H. Larsson, P. Thibault, H. M. Hertz and F. Pfeiffer

A TUM/Diamond/KTH/UCL team demonstrates speckle based x-ray phase contrast, applied to material characterization, using a MetalJet x-ray source from Excillum. The method is based on correlation of near-field speckles and yields quantitative measurements of the full X-ray refractive index of the object with high sensitivity. X-ray speckle tracking tomography broadens the capabilities of X-ray imaging at laboratory sources with strong potential in materials and life sciences.

Link to paper in PDF here.

Cone-beam X-ray phase-contrast tomography for the observation of single cells in whole organs
X-ray phase-contrast tomography for high-spatial-resolution zebrafish muscle imaging

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