Combining SAXS and DLS for simultaneous measurements and time-resolved monitoring of nanoparticle synthesis

January 2015 – Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B,  343 (2015) 116–122 – A. Schwamberger, B. De Roo d, D. Jacob, L. Dillemans, L. Bruegemann, J.W. Seo, J.P. Locquet

A team from TU Dortmund, Bruker, Cordouan Technologies and KU Leuven demonstrates an innovative way to charactherize nano-particles by combining SAXS, DLS and a microflow reactor. To ensure high enough flux to do time-resolved SAXS, a MetalJet x-ray source from Excillum was used.

Link to article in PDF here.

Chapman University to install Excillum MetalJet for Single Crystal Diffraction
User testimonial from Professor Frank Schaper at Université de Montréal

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