Uncompromising Nano Performance

The NanoTube N1 60 kV is based on advanced electron optics and the latest tungsten-diamond transmission target technology. Automatic e-beam focusing and astigmatism correction ensures that the smallest possible, truly round spot is achieved at any voltage and current setting. The NanoTube also has the unique feature that it internally measures and reports the current spot size. In addition, advanced cooling and thermal design results in extreme stability over long exposures. All in all, this enables an unprecedented true resolution of 150 nm lines and spaces.

Resolution Examples

Projection radiographs of the standard JIMA RT RC-04 150 nm (left) and 200 nm (right) resolution pattern captured using the NanoTube.

Examples of 150 and 200 nm lines and spaces on the standard JIMA RT RC-04
resolution chart clearly resolved.
From experiment in collaboration with Fraunhofer EZRT using a Si Timepix detector.

SEM micrograph of a siemens star on the left, and a projection radiograph captured using the NanoTube on the right.

The true round spot of the NanoTube is demonstrated by the highly symmetric images of a Siemens-star resolution target. The innermost features are 150 nm.
From experiment in collaboration with Fraunhofer IIS (NanoCT systems) using a Dectris PILATUS3 X CdTe 300K-W detector.

The development of the NanoTube has been partly funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) through Excillum’s participation the NanoXCT program (grant agreement no 280987).


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