The MetalJet C2 offers an attractive, cost effective version of the MetalJet source technology with simplified electron optics producing a round electron beam focus. It is similar to a standard solid target X-ray tube, but features Excillum’s unique liquid metal jet anode technology and advanced electron optics. The MetalJet C2 delivers significantly higher brightness than a solid-target microfocus X-ray source, with an excellent spot quality. With the MetalJet C2 you will get a high-performance microfocus X-ray source, at a competitive price. If you in the future need even higher brightness than what is achievable with the round electron-beam focus, you have the possibility to upgrade to the MetalJet D2+, to get the world’s brightest microfocus X-ray tube.

Technical Specifications

Target material1

Ga or In rich metal alloy

Min. focal spot size

~ 5 μm

Target type

Liquid jet

Emission stability3

< 1%


21-70 kV

Position stability3

< 1 μm


0-200 W

Min. focus-object distance4

18 mm

Max current

4.3 mA

Beam angle5


1) Room temperature liquid gallium alloys consist mainly of gallium, indium and tin. They have low reactivity and low toxicity but should be handled accor-ding to their safety data sheets and local regulations. The currently available anode alloys are ExAlloy-G1 with 95% gallium and ExAlloy-I1 with 21% indium (see typical emission spectra under Characteristics tab).
2) The actual power used is dependent on spot-size and voltage. Maximum power allowed by the software is 200 W, however, maximum output power of the 70 kV high-voltage generators is 300 W.
3) Standard deviation.
4) Without a shutter (24.8 mm with shutter).
5) Without a shutter (10.5° with shutter).


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