Dynamic Adaptation technology
For improved performance

Dynamic Adaptation technology enables MetalJet market-leading brightness for even longer operational periods. In industrial applications such as metrology, inspection or non-destructive testing of, e.g., automotive, aerospace, medical and semiconductor components, the continuous and reliable operation of the test equipment is key. With Dynamic Adaptation technology, the MetalJet X-ray sources are a perfect fit to such tools’ next generation versions.

Dynamic Adaptation technology continuously adapts the e-beam to the natural aging of the cathode. The development of the technology has been possible based on the experience and expertise that Excillum has gained in the area of advanced e-beam control. Dynamic Adaptation technology can enable more than one-year of 24/7 continuous operation (i.e. >8000 hours) whilst further improving brightness. Hence, the new technology will provide the user with:

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced downtime
  • Lower operational cost

Dynamic Adaptation is included in new MetalJet X-ray source shipments.

Existing MetalJet sources can be upgraded to include the new technology.

Feedback from the field

Dr. Michael Mrosek

The first MetalJet D2+ upgrade at Bruker was done in the Karlsruhe application laboratory in February 2019. Integrating it as part of a routine maintenance service visit reduced the overall downtime and the system was operational after two days. The hardware installation was straightforward and the new software GUI was very intuitive and only minor changes in the configuration were necessary to complete the upgrade.

After the upgrade, an intensity gain of approximately 70% was measured. The cathode that was used in the upgrade process was finally exchanged in May 2020 after well over 10,000 hours of operation, highlighting the enhanced uptime of the system.

Now, after ten field installations of the D2+ we have seen similar, consistent gains in intensity and cathode lifetime. There is also very positive feedback from customers that the upgrade can be performed with minimal downtime as part of routine maintenance.”

Dr. Michael Mrosek, Senior Applications Scientist, Macromolecular Crystallography, Bruker AXs GmbH

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