The heart of Excillum’s offering are the MetalJet X-ray sources based on the unique liquid-metal-jet anode technology. The MetalJet X-ray source tecnology is available in the following products:

メタルジェットD2+ 70kV

The MetalJet D2+ 70 kV is the latest version in Excillum’s line of extreme brightness x-ray sources based on the MetalJet technology. At 70 kV the X-ray source is radiation shielded, with the shutter closed.

メタルジェットD2+ 160kV

The MetalJet D2+ 160 kV is based on the same platform as the 70 kV-version, but it comes with a 160 kV HV-generator.

MetalJet C2

The MetalJet C2 is based on the same MetalJet technology as the D2+ and offers an entry level MetalJet X-ray source with features and performance beyond a conventional solid anode X-ray source and with the future option to upgrade to MetalJet D2+ performance.