Excillum Launches MetalJet D2+

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Aug 28, 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden. Excillum AB, a leading company in the field of high end micro- and nanofocus x-ray sources, today launches the MetalJet D2+, the latest version in Excillum’s line of extreme brightness x-ray sources. The ECM-30 takes place on Sunday August 28, 2016 through Thursday, September 1, 2016 at the Congress center Basel, Switzerland.

The MetalJet D2+ now offers a significant improvement in performance with its ability to, as an example, operate a 20 µm X-ray spot with 250 W. This corresponds to a 25% power increase compared to the previous MetalJet D2 source. The Excillum line of MetalJet x-ray sources are similar to conventional x-ray tubes, but feature Excillum’s unique metal jet anode technology and advanced electron optics. Within the 5-30µm spot size range, a MetalJet D2+ delivers significantly higher brightness and power than any other available microfocus x-ray source on the market.

“The world’s brightest x-ray tube just got even brighter”, says Julius Hållstedt, Head of Sales and Business Development, and continues “The D2+ will clearly open up new possibilities for scientist needing a high brightness x-ray source to study their samples at a lab based equipment.”

The D2+ and the latest news on MetalJet sources is presented at Excillum booth #D22 during the week and by Excillum Sales and Applications Manager Emil Espes in Poster session 1 (Poster # MS1-P1) on Monday Aug 29 at 17:30-19:00.


For further information, contact:
Julius Hållstedt
Head of Sales and Business Development
Excillum AB
Torshamnsgatan 35
164 40 Kista, Sweden
Tel: +46 708 10 58 88
Email: julius.hallstedt@excillum.com
Web: www.excillum.com


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