Speckle-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast and Dark-Field Imaging with a Laboratory Source

June 2014 – Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 253903 (2014) – I. Zanette, T. Zhou, A. Burvall, U. Lundström, D. H. Larsson, M. Zdora, P. Thibault, F. Pfeiffer, and H. M. Hertz

A TUM/KTH/UCL team demonstrates speckle based x-ray phase contrast using a MetalJet x-ray source from Excillum. In this technique, the x-rays from the MetalJet are scrambled by a random object with small structures (e.g. sandpaper), before reaching the sample. After having acquired the detector image, the signal is decoded and absorption-, phase contrast-, and dark-field contrast can be extracted.

Link to paper in PDF here.

X-ray phase contrast with injected gas for tumor microangiography
New simple setup for X-ray phase contrast

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