Comparison of two X-ray phase-contrast imaging methods with a microfocus source

December 2013 – Opt. Express 21, 30183-30195 (2013) -T. Zhou, U. Lundström, T. Thüring, S. Rutishauser, D. H. Larsson, M. Stampanoni, C. David, H. M. Hertz and A. Burvall

A PSI/KTH team presents a comparison, for high-resolution imaging, between grating-based (GBI) and propagation-based x-ray (PBI) phase-contrast imaging, using a MetalJet x-ray source from Excillum. Using polychromatic radiation, in experiments and simulations, PBI shows a lower dose requirment, while GBI shows an advantage when it comes to quantitative refractive index reconstruction for multi-material samples.

Link to paper in PDF here.




MetalJet Technology installed in SAXS-system at Forschungszentrum Jülich
Phase-Contrast X-Ray Carbon Dioxide Angiography

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