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Excillum joins the European consortium FA4.0

Excillum joins the European consortium FA4.0 to develop automated failure diagnostics tools Excillum, together with Swedish partners Ericsson, DirectConversion, RISE, Gimic and Materiex, has joined the European consortium FA4.0 to…

Excillum launches the MetalJet E1

Boundaries are meant to be pushed. Introducing the Excillum MetalJet E1 160 kV The Excillum MetalJet E1 is our latest breakthrough. A microfocus X-ray source, giving you 10-70 times more…

Proto joins Excillum’s partner network

Proto XRD, a leading North American-based X-ray diffraction manufacturer, has joined the Excillum partner network. For Proto, this partnership means access to high-performance X-ray sources for their standard and custom…

Excillum launches the NanoTube N2

Press releases
The X-ray resolution revolution continues with more power and higher voltage. Stockholm-based company Excillum today announces the launch of a new generation high-resolution X-ray tubes. The Excillum NanoTube N2 60 kV and NanoTube N2 110 kV enable industry-leading 150 nm resolution in…

Excillum is partnering in the NanoXSpot research project

Supporting semiconductor, aerospace and automotive NDT: Excillum is partnering in the NanoXSpot research project within the European Metrology Research Program, EMPIR Today, no agreed standard measurement procedure exists for these…

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