High resolution propagation-based imaging system for in vivo dynamic computed tomography of lungs in small animals

The researchers at Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine at Monash University in Australia managed to perform high-resolution in-vivo CT on lungs in their home laboratory. This is challenging with a conventional X-ray tube due to the limitation on getting a good balance between spatial resolution and acquisition time. With the high-brightness, microfocus MetalJet X-source however, they succeeded in performing the propagation-based phase-contrast CT of mechanically ventilated mice in laboratory with high spatio-temporal resolution. The image quality of the in vivo 4DCT images of the mouse lung shows an excellent balance between acquisition time, resolution, contrast and radiation dose, which could previously be achieved only at synchrotron facilities. Thus, this MetalJet-based 4DCT system has proven to be a good match for laboratory pre-clinical lung investigations, as well as opening up the path for many other high quality and high speed CT applications.

Link to paper in PDF here.


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