Excillum appoints new Head of Engineering

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Press release, April, 2016, Stockholm, Sweden
Excillum is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonas Hellström as new Head of Engineering effective from April 11th 2016. Jonas will play a key role in managing engineering and R&D projects as Excillum embarks on its next phase of rapid growth.

Jonas holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from KTH (2002) and most recently he served as Chief Technology Officer at Cobolt AB, a laser company in Stockholm area. During more than a decade he acquired solid experience in R&D team management as well as product and process development in advanced technology with tough international competition. He also brings competence in growing a small technology spin-out and take it from early phases all the way to fit into a bigger company structure.

“Jonas brings a unique set of skills from high-tech engineering and R&D which will be a key differentiator for Excillum´s continued success”, says Björn Hansson CEO of Excillum.

About Excillum:
Excillum, Stockholm Sweden is a leading company in the field of high end microfocus x-ray sources. Excillum was founded in 2007 by researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm Sweden. Excillum designs, develops and manufactures a high brightness micro focus x-ray source based on MetalJet technology. With this unique patented technology previously unprecedented x-ray intensities are achieved. The first product was launched in 2010, and now the second generation of MetalJet x-ray sources are available for applications such as diffraction, metrology and imaging. The company has reached a strong market position in its field and is now quickly growing.

Björn Hansson CEO Excillum: Email: bjorn.hansson@excillum.com, Tel: +46-(0)704-212 084.


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