X-ray phase contrast with injected gas for tumor microangiography

May 2014 – Phys. Med. Biol. 59, 2801-11 (2014) – U. Lundström, U. K. Westermark, D. H. Larsson, A. Burvall, M. Arsenian Henriksson and H.M. Hertz

A KTH/KI team demonstrates that the microvasculature of mouse tumors can be visualizedusing a MetalJet x-ray source from Excillum and a gas contrast agent. The time need to acquire a 2D-projection is a few seconds, and for a full 3D-tomography scan requires a few minutes. The MetalJet source used in this experiment operated with our Indium rich alloy (ExAlloy-I1).

Link to paper in PDF here.

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