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Products and Services


Excillum is an x-ray source company and offer a growing range of x-ray tubes based on our key technologies. Our main focus is the MetalJet platform based on our metal-jet-anode technology, but other products are emerging taking further advantage of our general x-ray tube design knowledge. Apart from our standard products we can of course also engage in different custom project. Please let us know how we can help!



MetalJet Sources



The heart of Excillum's offering are the MetalJet x-ray sources based on the unique liquid-metal-jet anode technology.


Key Features

Worlds highest microfocus power

Exceptional spot quality

Tuneable source size and shape

High stability

LaB6 long-life cathode

Liquid metal jet anode technology




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The Nanotube is based on advanced electron optics refined from the workhorse MetalJet e-beam platform and the latest tungsten-diamond transmission target technology. Automatic e-beam focusing and astigmatism correction ensures that the smallest possible truly round spot is achieved at any voltage and current setting. 


NanoTube new w324

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Custom Design



In addition to our standard products we can also assist with custom x-ray source solutions and other expertise in for example x-ray source characterization or phase contrast imaging.


Pinhole camera arrangement on an Excillum MetalJet x-ray tube

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