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Although growing, Excillum is still a small company. One of the upsides with being small is that we can allow ourselves the luxury of presenting all employees here on our website. In that way you can see who you are, or will be, interacting with when you communicate with us. Feel free to contact anyone of us directly!




Photo of Björn Hansson, CEO of Excillum  

Björn Hansson, CEO


Björn holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from KTH (2003). He was a co-founder of Innolite AB and previous work include Group Manager at Acreo AB, Kista, Sweden and Senior Scientist at Cymer, Inc., San Diego, USA.






Photo of Joakim Flodin, CFO of Excillum  

Joakim Flodin, CFO


As CFO Joakim is responsible for finance and administration within Excillum.


Joakim holds a B.Sc. in Business Administration from Linköping University (1996). Previous positions include, CFO at Zaark, CFO at Proximion Fiber Systems and other financial positions in start-ups and large corporations.




Photo of Julius Hållstedt at Excillum  

Julius Hållstedt, Head of Sales and Business Development


Julius is responsible for the commercial activities at Excillum including sales, customer support and new business development.


Julius holds a M.Sc. degree in materials science and Ph.D degree in solid state electronics both from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). Previous work includes managing director of PANalytical Sweden and vice director of the iPack Vinnex center at KTH. 




Photo of Jonas Hellström at Excillum  

Jonas Hellström, Head of Engineering


Jonas is managing the Engineering team and is responsible for the product and process development of existing and new products at Excillum.


Jonas holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from KTH (2002). Former positions include Chief Technology Officer at Cobolt AB, a laser company in Stockholm area. Earlier positions also includes Project Manager at the same company and optical consultant at Optronics Stockholm AB.



Photo of Excillum's Mikael Otendal  

Mikael Otendal, Head of Purchasing and Production


Mikael is responsible for Excillum's production as well as procurement, quality assurance, key vendors, and shipping.


Mikael is one of the co-founders of Excillum and got his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at KTH in 2006, specializing in the fluid dynamics of high-speed metal jets in vacuum.



Photo of Excillum's Per Takman  

Per Takman, Research and Development


Per shares his responsibilities between research and development as well as advanced customer support and requests.


Per holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from KTH (2007), specializing in compact soft x-ray microscopy. Previous work include Staff Scientist at Gatan Inc., Pleasanton, USA.



Photo of Excillum's Tomi Tuohimaa  

Tomi Tuohimaa, Research and Development


Tomi is responsible for Excillum's advanced research and long term development programs as well as certain custom projects.


Tomi is one of the co-founders of Excillum and got his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at KTH in 2008, specializing in high-brightness electron-gun and optics design.



Photo of Andrii Sofiienko at Excillum  

Andrii Sofiienko, Research and Development


Andrii shares his responsibilities between research and development as well as advanced customer support and requests.


Andrii holds a Ph.D. in Solid-State Physics from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (2010) and a Ph.D. in X-ray Physics from the University of Bergen (2015). Previous work include a senior physicist position at Visuray AS, Randaberg, Norway and a head of research laboratory at Ukratominstruments Corporation, Kyiv, Ukraine.




Photo of Excillum's Johan Kronstedt  

Johan Kronstedt, Mechanical Engineering


Johan is responsible for all mechanical engineering and design at Excillum and also involved in product development and sourcing of key parts.


Johan has previously worked as consultant and mechanical manager in the manufacturing industry.



Photo of Excillum's Christina Gratorp  

Christina Gratorp, Software Development


Christina is co-responsible for software development at Excillum and is also very involved in system integration and firmware development.


Christina has a M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering from LiTH (2008). Christina has previously worked with systems design and software development for embedded systems.



Photo of Fredrik Björnsson at Excillum  

Fredrik Björnsson, Software Development


Fredrik is co-responsible for the software development at Excillum.


Fredrik has a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Lund University. Fredrik has previously worked at Sylog AB as a consultant in embedded system development.



Photo of Emil Espes at Excillum  

Emil Espes, Sales & Applications Manager


Emil is responsible for Sales and Marketing, as well as understanding the need of our end-customers and their applications.

Emil holds a M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Materials Science from Uppsala University (2011). Previous work include R&D Engineer at Sandvik Coromant in Stockholm, specializing in X-ray computed tomography and materials characterization.



ulf lundstrom  

 Ulf Lundström, Application Performance Specialist


Ulf is responsible for optimizing the source performance for various applications including advanced customer support and requests.


Ulf holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from KTH (2014), specializing in phase-contrast x-ray imaging. Previous work includes a postdoc position at Stanford University in crystallography at free-electron X-ray lasers.


ulf lundstrom email and phone


Photo of Alexia Trolliet at Excillum


Alexia Trolliet, Product Specialist 


Alexia is responsible for customer support at Excillum, as well as installations and various production tasks.

Alexia has a M.Sc. in Embedded Systems from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (Stockholm). Before joining Excillum, Alexia wrote her thesis at Mycronic AB.






Photo of Rickard Terfelt at Excillum  

Rickard Terfelt, Electronic Design

Rickard is responsible for Electronics at Excillum, but also works with standards and safety.

Rickard has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He has previously worked in several startup industries including Automotive, manufacturing industry and Telecom (co-founder of Proximion Fiber Systems).  Rickard has earlier had several different roles as electronic and software designer, group manager and project leader.