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Excillum to refine NanoTube technology and apply to MEMS inspection in EU collaboration project CITCOM

Oct 11, 2017 – Stockholm Sweden. Excillum is pleased to announce the start of the project CITCOM (“A complimentary Inspection Technique based on computer tomography and plenoptic camera for MEMs components”). Kick off meeting was held in Brussels and all 12 partners from 8 countries participated in the meeting.


CITCOM is a three year collaborative project funded by European Commission (H2020-FOF-2017). The project aims to develop an in-line inspection, measurement and control system for high reliability and detailed monitoring and inspection of MEMS, micro-components and micro-devices based on a 3D optical quality inspection system, robotic manipulator for sorting and nano-focused 2D X-ray system. For more information, please visit:




Björn Hansson, CEO


bjorn.hansson [ a ]

+46-(0)704-212 084.


Excillum, Stockholm Sweden is a leading company in the field of high end microfocus and nanofocus x-ray sources. Excillum was founded in 2007 by researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm Sweden. Excillum designs, develops and manufactures a high brightness microfocus x-ray source based on MetalJet technology. With this unique patented technology previously unprecedented x-ray intensities are achieved. The first product was launched in 2010, and now the second generation of MetalJet x-ray sources are available for applications such as diffraction, metrology and imaging. The company has reached a strong market position in its field and is now quickly growing.