X-ray Application Performance Specialist

Would you like to join the team behind the world’s brightest microfocus X-ray tube? If you think the combination of customer contact and deep technical challenges in x-ray imaging is attractive, the job as Application Performance Specialist should be right for you!



Excillum (Stockholm, Sweden) is a high-tech company with a unique patented X-ray source technology. We are already very successful in our niche but our goal is to become the preferred high-end supplier to most X-ray applications all over the world. As an Application Performance Specialist you will be one of the driving forces in our company and your challenge will be to make sure we meet customer demands and keep the team in right directions. 



About the job

The somewhat uncommon job title tries to accurately describe the role, which is to focus on how X-ray sources from Excillum can increase the performance of various X-ray applications. To master the job, you therefore must understand/learn the applications good enough to know what parameters of the X-ray tube will optimize the performance (hopefully beyond what even the customer thought possible). To be clear, “understanding the application” doesn’t mean just being able to perform and interpret results of the application, but understanding in detail how it works. Basically being able to design the application. Furthermore, you must understand/learn how our X-ray sources function in detail and what they can do when pushed to their limits. In that way, you can help our customers (end users or system manufactures) get the most out of their Excillum sources in their particular applications. However, you should also understand what source improvements would further increase application performance and communicate that information with Excillum R&D to make our X-ray sources even better for our users.


A further important task is to communicate how Excillum’s X-ray tubes boost various applications. This may be verbally at conferences and trade-shows but also in writing on our website or in application notes. As Application Performance Specialist you are a key spokesperson for Excillum within your applications of expertise.


Our intention is that this Application Performance Specialist position will focus on imaging applications, including regular absorption imaging and X-ray microscopy, mainly CT, but also various phase contrast imaging techniques. You will work closely with our existing Application Performance Specialist who will focus more on analytical applications such as X-ray Diffraction, Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) and XRF etc. However, if you rather happen to be an expert in analytical X-ray we may consider reversing this situation since our existing person is highly skilled in both fields. It is naturally beneficial if you also are skilled in both imaging and analytical applications.


The role involves travelling to customer and conferences estimated up to around 25%.



What's In It for You

Join us on our journey and we can offer you stimulating and challenging work tasks in a creative and dynamic company, where your work is of the essence and makes a difference. We have a great team spirit and you will work with technology in the very forefront. Simply, a great place to work!



We believe that you have

To be successful in this role we think you both need to understand our sources profoundly as well as the customers’ applications. You would be the second Application Performance Specialist at Excillum with a focus towards X-ray imaging applications. You are naturally an outstanding X-ray expert already.


If you are self-motivated with the ability to work under minimal supervision in an environment that requires strong teamwork and cross-functional interaction, you will fit right in! In this role, it is also important to demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills, verbally and in writing, towards external customers.



Skills required:

  • PhD specializing in X-ray physics or similar

  • Hands-on experience in X-ray imaging applications (or possibly analytical applications… preferably both)

  • Great communications and presentation skills (in English).


Key words: X-ray microscopy, synchrotron, beamline, Free-electron laser, X-ray imaging, Phase contrast imaging



About us

Excillum started 2007 and makes the world’s brightest microfocus X-ray tubes. The MetalJet X-ray tubes are conventional microfocus tubes with the solid-metal anode replaced by a liquid-metal jet. A metal-jet anode is continuously regenerated and already in the molten state. Thereby, the classical power limit of an X-ray source, when the anode is permanently damaged by the electron beam, no longer applies. Our unique MetalJet microfocus x-ray source technology can at current stage generate roughly 10 times the X-ray flux of a conventional solid anode X-ray source from the same source area.



Are you up for a challenge? Then do not hesitate, submit your application and come work with us! Please send in your application as soon as possible since interviews are ongoing. If you have any questions, please contact: Ida Ulvenfalk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.